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All our fertilisers are marine based that achieve excellent results from root development to enhancing plant growth to increase crop yield.

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Garden Stakes

The garden stakes are made from new plastic which is so durable that you can leave them in the blistering 60? sun for up to 12 hours a day with no effect. They will not rust like iron stakes, they will not rot and break like wooden stakes.

We are so certain that they will last for years we have given them a 5 year manufacturer warranty. So far here at Agway, we have heard nothing but praise from our very satisfied customers on the quality of the garden stakes.

Once you use our Enviro-Stake's you will never use any other stakes again, you can say goodbye to nasty splinters and to those dull looking stakes, with Enviro-Stake's they never splinter and never fade!


ALGAVIT Livestock is a liquid growth booster extracted from selected marine algae. It is scientifically formulated to provide vitamins and mineral requirements for animals that are not found in today’s feeds and forage.

ALGAVIT Livestock provides essential nutrients in an easy to absorb preparation, which help utilize feeds more efficiently.


No natural food for fish is more effective and more economical than algae and plankton a complex group of microscopic plants and animal that grow on the pond bottom or float on the water surface. As most algae and plankton need fertilisation for their growth, essential nutrients are also required to satisfy their demand for proper sustenance.

ALGAFER LPF PLUS* answers those needs. Scientifically extracted from seaweeds, this natural supplement provides the necessary nutrients needed to bolster the growth of micro-algae. Uniform application of ALGAFER LPF PLUS* fertilizer not only increases the actual growth of algae and plankton but also improves the nutritional food of fishes, producing bigger and better fish in time of harvest